Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Justice Or Else.... Remembering the Historic Million Man March

Justice Or Else....
Remembering the Historic Million Man March


  I remember going to Washington D.C. 20 years ago on Oct. 16, 1995 to the now historic Million Man March. So many people were hating on The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. So many people were hating on the Nation of Islam. All the major news outlets were saying that we were coming to disrupt the peace and cause violence and to spread hate. President Clinton and all of his staff and all of the government left Washington D.C. In fact, they shut down the government and had an enormous military presence underground, beneath our feet on the mall, ready to be deployed at the slighest hint of disorder.
     But the night before and the day of the march, something happened. God showed up and His Spirit was present. They could see all of the flights that were booked. They could see the buses and cars and trains full of Black Men coming to Washington D.C. On a Monday! That morning, at sunrise, Black Men were already gathered on the Washington Mall. At sunrise the numbers were so large that the Police Chief tried to move all of the brothers back, because we had already begun filling areas that were designated to be clear for safety purposes. But the police and the Chief of police were unable to get the brothers to move back. The Chief of Police had already lost control of the mall and had to ask our Chief of Security of the Nation of Islam to please come out and have the men move back out of the designated areas. With respect and love, our Supreme Captain sent the FOI out and politely asked the brothers to move back and all was well. From that point on, the Chief of Police understood that we had this and moved his men back and let us do what we came to do.
     Before it was over, God proved to us that He was with us and that He heard our prayer. The sun shone through the clouds at dawn and throughout the entire day. 1.8 million Black Men had descended on the nation's capitol in the largest gathering of men in the history of the world. The spirit of Love was so thick in the atmosphere that the experience of the MMM could only be described as a "glimpse of Heaven". We came together as Christians, Muslims, Baptists, Catholics, Jehovah's Witnesses, Hebrew Israelites, wealthy, poor, educated, ignorant, young, old, etc., etc., etc. No division, no confusion, just brothers dwelling together from all over this country sharing the bond of brotherly love and unity. Every facet of the diversity in the Black Community was represented. And it was the most peaceful, orderly, dignified gathering of people that Washington had ever seen. We gathered to stand before our God to ask his Forgiveness and to pledge that we would learn, practice and teach the principles of Atonement, Reconciliation and Responsibility. And we did.
     Now, we are back - 20 years later to balance the scales. To balance the scales of justice. Our theme today is ‪#‎JusticeOrElse‬. Its not a game, Its not a picnic. Its not a party. It is a demand from God, Almighty - issued through our Leader, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, and through all of us who stand with God and stand with His Messenger among us. It is a demand placed upon America from The One God and His Christ, who sits at the right hand of God in control of the rain, wind, hail, earthquakes and all of the forces of nature. Allah (God) is present today and He will make His presence known on 10.10.15, just as He did 20 years ago at the Million Man March.
     We invite you to be with us on the mall on 10.10.15. We are not coming for foolishness. We aren't coming to start a race war. We aren't coming to build an army to kill white people. We are building an army. But not that kind of army. We are building an army of soldiers and saviors. We only fight with those who fight with us, and we are NEVER the aggressor - because God hates the aggressor. Don't you sing in the church, "Onward Christian Soldiers"? Then why are you afraid that God has appointed a General to call His soldiers onto the battlefield to receive our marching orders? God is no longer a mystery. God is present and has shown His face today. And His army is gathering in Washington D.C. on 10.10.15. Get off the fence and get on the battle-field.
     The media lied on us 20 years ago and have been lying ever since. Don't believe their hype. Learn the truth. Our God will be made known on 10.10.15. And He is not happy with the way America has treated His children. If you have the courage to stand with God, join us, and be a part of the history that will be written of for millenia to come! I can't wait. I was born for this! #JusticeOrElse!